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In shelter Cat

Palatine, IL, 60078
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Orange & White
Mozzarella is always up for adventure and is ready to meet his family! He is Mr. Personality, and wants to explore, play and be where the action is! His heart is happy when he gets to run around the house, check out what all the humans and animals are doing, and play until he needs a nap. 

Hes still a little guy - small and full of frisky kitten energy, but big enough to be totally litter trained and reliably use a scratching post. He is always eager to greet you and ask for cuddles and playtime. He purrs loudly when he gets attention, and is happy to ride around in your arms or snuggle under a blanket. He loves to pounce and run during playtime, but melts in your arms when its time to settle down and relax. At night, Mozzie likes to burrow under the covers. 

Mozzarella has gorgeous deep orange markings. Check out his beautiful winged eyeliner! He is comfy with both adults and kids, and he has won over the big household cats with his friendliness. Its working! He would love to go home with his sister, Feta. They are enthusiastic playmates and spend all their time together. If he doesnt go home with Feta, then he will need to go to a home with another playful, young cat.

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