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In shelter Cat

Plainfield, NJ, 07060
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
LIDA is frequently called upon to protect the rights of Free-roaming cats---formerly domestic cats who have been abandoned to live on their own.     The ending for most of these cats is a tragic one, death shortly after abandonment.     Contrary to myth, cats who have been in homes do not do well on the streets.
 The strong ones who survive go on to procreate forming outdoor colonies.     Many compassionate humans feed these strays, and the ultimate kindness is to have them spayed/neutered to prevent more unwanted strays, and to prevent the stresses associated with mating. 
As a "maintained colony", cats who are sterilized, have regular food and water, and adequate shelter will form bonds to their caregiver and become quite endearing and docile.
LIDA currently has many former free-roamers who need indoor, forever homes.     These cats have an ability to create calm, easy atmospheres whereever they are.     They are low-maintenance, and are contented to entertain themselves or to be companions to humans.      Once youve had a former free-roamer, you will be hooked on them !      Please consider adopting one of these sweeties. 
Weve listed them as "Special Needs" not because they need anything other than food, shelter, and love, but because not everyone considers these "Special" cats when looking for feline companions.


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