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In shelter Cat

San Diego, CA, 92193
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Turnip: gray/peach/white dilute tabico, short hair, born 3/27/22, #17570
Daikon: solid white, short hair, neutered male, born 3/27/22, #17572
Lotus: orange tabby, short hair, spayed female, born 3/27/22, #17574
Ginger: orange tabby, short hair, spayed female, born 3/27/22, #17575

Cats: love--feline friends suggested! 
Dogs: cat-savvy canines should be okay
Children: all ages

While heavily pregnant, this quartets mom wandered into an established colony of homeless cats and forged an auspicious friendship with the ailurophile tending to the clowder. That person had a contact in The Rescue House, and our team member offered to foster the whole family. After crashing with her for a few months, these teens are ready to bring the party to your house! 

 ---Turnip loves to run with the boys! Shes tough, adventurous, and defends her sisters when her brothers try to pick on them. A fluffy ball of vitality, she will tear around your house, chasing after toys, flies, or anything else that she sees! Our goofy girl can be slightly mischievous and feel compelled to explore places she shouldnt-like the kitchen countertops-but she is working on that! Turnip also is a big softy and adores one-on-one time with people.
 ---Daikon is such a content cat, and this precious prince prides himself on being peaceful. A relaxed little dude, not much ruffles his fur, and as long as he gets in plenty of snuggles with you (or his feline mama), he is one happy camper. Ever eager to lay down next to you and offer his purrs, he recognizes that there is more to life than cuddles, so he schedules frequent play sessions with his pals too!
 ---Lotus is the quietest of the litter and the most bashful. She adores her people, and as soon as you sit down, she will be the first one to clamber up onto your lap. While she agrees toys have their value, Lotus is a Zen master looking for a mellow household with a mediation room in need of a calm kitten to make it complete. Spending quality time with you is at the top of her list of priorities, and she would be thrilled if you joined her for some canoodling and contemplation of lifes mysteries!
 ---Ginger is very easygoing and sweet. Her favorite thing to do is to curl up on your lap and purr the day away! Not only about the snoozles, Ginger also is a rambunctious rug rat and likes to exhaust herself by repeatedly pouncing on her toys or good-naturedly attacking her kitten comrades. Queen of the wrestling ring, Ginger is known for hosting epic throwdowns and defending her title with vigor! 

The members of this crew love their kitty friends, and each would do best in a home with another frisky feline to play with. (Kittens are active furry muffins, and if you do not have two, you will have to spend a lot of time keeping your singleton entertained!) While they have not met dogs, we believe that calm cat-savvy dogs should be okay. They do well with children of all ages.

Fun, loving, and super adorable, these kittens are out of this world! Wont you welcome one or more of them into your home?