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Twinkie - Andrea foster   

In shelter Cat

Social Circle, GA, 30025
Pet name:
Twinkie - Andrea foster
Domestic Short Hair
Orange / Red
Please contact Andrea ( for more information about this pet.Application is required - Please go to www.ppnk.orgAdoption fee $150 (or two for $275)These very special babies have quite a story, and will need a very special home. The Snack Cake sweeties came into rescue in March at about 4 weeks old and as they grew and should have been gaining coordination, they showed indications of having Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which is a condition where the cerebellum didnt fully form in utero. The cerebellum controls motor skills and balance... as a result, these babies appear uncoordinated to varying degrees - Twinkie, the big orange tabby boy, is considered a mild case and his clumsiness only comes out when he is moving fast, running and playing. He is self-sufficient in terms of eating, drinking, and using the litterbox. Hes super chill and likes to lounge in his hammock.
We LOVE seeing our babies adopted in pairs having a familiar sibling/buddy helps ease their transition to a new home, and gives them a constant companion for life. For more great reasons to adopt a pair, visit
Photo credit: Emily R. (Click the main photo for more photos of Twinkie)All our animals receive professional veterinary attention including spay/neuter, testing, vaccination, deworming, food and shelter. We only rescue from Animal Control and cannot accept lost, hurt or unwanted pets from individuals. We are a licensed non-profit no-kill shelter.


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