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In shelter Cat

St Petersburg, FL, 33710
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Looking for your new best friend?

We are looking for a loving home for a sweet, former stray cat we are fostering: Moonshine! He is about 4 years old and very social. He showed up in our yard a few weeks ago and would hang out with us while we would water plants and do yard work, always wanting to be pet and flopping down for belly rubs. He is just begging for someone to claim him as a member of their family! He loves to cuddle and head bump, have conversations, and play with his dangle toy. We would keep him if we werent already maxed out with cats in our home. He is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations and in perfect health despite being FIV+. Because of this, he will need to be an indoor only kitty, but it wont affect his health or longevity as long as hes cared for. Hes nervous near our other cats when weve let them meet and usually hides from them, so we think he would do best in a single-cat home. He just wants to soak up all the affection you can give for himself! 

If youre interested in giving Moonshine a home of his own and the good life he deserves, please fill out an adoption application at CJPaws Rescue:


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