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In shelter Cat

St. Louis, MO, 63118
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Orange / Red
Well howdy there, partner! Id like to introduce you to a handsome young fella named Cowboy. Hes new round these parts, but hes already got quite the following!

Cowboy is quite possibly one of the friendliest cats you will ever meet. This boy has never met a stranger and doesnt know the meaning of the word shy. As soon as you enter the room, he will greet you with his raspy little meow. Hes a big fan of head pets and chin scratches and loves to rub his head against you. He loves to be close to people and is happiest when youre in the room with him.

Like any young buck, Cowboy has a good amount of energy. Hes very playful and loves to run around and chase toys. His favorites are soft catnip filled toys that he can easily bat around the room. Hes also very fond of the ball track toys and will go round and round to chase the balls! While he loves interactive playtime with his humans, hes also very self sufficient with playing and can easily entertain himself until hes all tuckered out.

Cowboy has a condition called Feline Leukemia, or FeLV for short. Despite this, he is currently living his best life and is a happy, healthy boy. While he currently is not showing any signs of illness related to his FeLV diagnosis, its important that his forever family pay close attention and make sure he gets regular vet care. Our Tenth Life staff and veterinary partners will be happy to answer any questions, and you can learn more about FeLV here:

I reckon youll want to meet this boy. Hes playful, friendly, sweet, handsome, and so much fun. What more could you want?! Apply to meet Cowboy today!


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