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In shelter Cat

Taylor, MI, 48180
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Name: Panther
Age: 2 yrs
Fee: 60.00
Panther is looking for his furever home because his owner is terminally ill and doesnt have long to live, Panther is so sweet and loving, he loves his humans. very sweet cat.

Neutered, current on vaccines, FELV/FIV neg, wormed and ready for a forever home.

Please include ID# with the name of the cat you are interested in when you submit an application.
The  cats/kittens that are posted are available, unless it is stated  adopted.  If one is pending you still may submit an application in  case the adoption does not go through.
Our adoption fees are posted on our home page.
You must be at least 21 years old to apply.

To apply, please click on the link:  
send an email to:    Please answer all questions, otherwise your pre-application may not be reviewed. Include the following information in your email:
1. Your name, address, home phone number & email address.Age of applicant, age of co-applicant and do you live with your parents?
2. Your reason for wanting to adopt this kitten? Yourself ? Childs pet? Companionship to another pet? Gift/Surprise? Other?
 3. Type of housing you live in (own home, apartment, condo, etc.), rent or own.Landlords name/phone # if applicable:
4. Are you looking for a inside cat only, outside only, or both inside & outside?
5. Do you plan to declaw this cat/kitten?
6.  Please list all of the people in your home, include age & gender.
7. Who will be responsible for taking care of the cat?
8. What arrangements have you made to care for the pet in case you can no longer do so?
9. The number of hours per day the animal will be left alone, and where you will keep the animal when left alone?
10.  A list of any animals youve had in the last 10 years, including how  long you had them and where they are now. Please include the names of  each animal, and the type of animal.
11. Are/were they spayed/neutered? Current on vaccines? Has your cat been tested for FIV/FeLV?  
12.  Who is your current/previous veterinarian (clinic name and phone  number)? You must call your vet and give permission to release  information regarding your pets, we will be contacting your veterinarian  as a reference.
13. Are/were your pets receiving annual veterinarian care?
14. How much time do your current/previous pets spend outside? Inside _____% of the time.Outside ____% of the time
Please estimate how much time you plan to have this cat inside and outside.Inside _____% of the time.Outside ____% of the time.
15. Does anyone in your family suffer from pet allergies?
16.  Rescue animals require time to adjust to their new home. Are you  willing to give this animal adequate time for proper adjustment -  perhaps three weeks or more? What amount of time do you consider to be reasonable for adjustment?
17. Cats can live as long as 15-20 years.  Select all of the following that may cause you to give up the animal.Birth of a child __ New roommate___ Marriage ___ Divorce ____ Unemployment ___ Needs regular medication ___ Allergies.
18.  What kind of personality traits in a cat are you NOT willing to live with?  Select all of the following that apply.Excessive meowing ___ Unfriendly toward other pets ___   Shy, skittish, or hides a lot  __ Scratching furniture,  ___Jumps on kitchen counter/tables___Other ________________________________
19. Methods you plan to use to discourage unwanted behavior(s): Yell___ Put cat in another room___ Remove problem item(s)  ___   Put cat outside ___Won’t tolerate behaviors ___Swat/spank/hit with newspaper  ___Spritz with water ___,Throw something at cat___Who cares cats are cats.
20.  Have you ever had to return a pet to a breeder or taken to a pound, shelter or rescue?  If so, please explain:
21.  I would like a cat who (check all that applies):Plays gently____
 Loves everyone____
Is a cuddler____
 Is quiet____Is fairly active____
 Is a enthusiastic player____Enjoys a little lap time____
Talks occasionally___
 Is a chatterbox___
Is more independent___
The above information that I have provided to FTCR for the purpose of adopting an animal is accurate and complete.

A  volunteer will review your application and contact you ONLY if you are  approved or if further clarification is required.  We will make every  attempt to contact approved applicants within 5 business days of  application submission (M-F), but this will depend on the number of applications received.  
Please  understand that by answering the questions does not guarantee the  adoption of the pet, nor are you obligated to adopt the pet.
FTCR  adopts to homes that are best fits for our animals needs, and not on a  first-come, first-served basis.  If you currently own a pet or have a  history of pet ownership, you must provide a vet reference for your application to be processed.  Preference is given to applications with prior pet experience and vet references.  
We are an all-volunteer organization, and regret that we do not have the resources to contact applicants that are not approved.  Please do not contact us to check on the status of your application - it just slows down our ability to process applications.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
-  We ask for your patience as we review your application.FTCR  receives several each day and cannot respond to every one individually.
-  Approved applicants are based on best fit, not first submitted.  FTCR  RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY APPLICANT, so please  understand that it is within our discretion to make those decisions on  behalf of our animals.
Keep in mind that  we depend 100% on volunteers, most of whom have full-time jobs, so we  ask for your understanding as we do the best we can in the endless  effort to find homes for these deserving animals!


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