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In shelter Cat

WAIANAE, HI, 96792
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Orange & White
Coat length:
Kibo brings so much joy and pleasure to whomever he befriends, trusts, rubs on, and rolls over and eventually purrs for. His mature and serious attitude and "boring" daily routines are just a front. His true self is of a playful hunter and affectionate lion which comes out when he is ready and the situation is right. He is very fond of various kinds of cat and human food and treats, and will be coming around whenever anyone is cooking or handling food. Kibo regularly visits his bowl of clean water throughout the day for big tongue dippings. He is a gentleman when it comes to doing his business in a box and caring for furniture and belongings - except for newspapers spread out on the floor, which get slowly shredded. He loves the sound of tearing it up bit by bit. He has great personal hygiene and makes lots of effort to keep his fur and face in fresh washed condition. Favorite pastimes include being brushed, rubbed and hugged, and dozing in the sun. Kibos handsomeness cannot be denied. Hes quite attractive in person, and has the most beautiful fur and soft comfortable touch. For a mature male cat, Kibo is very healthy, happy, active, non-aggressive, loving, and with a big appetite. Listening to him call and dance around playfully is a sight to warm any cat lovers heart. Please consider if this handsome boy is right for you, preferably before May, 2022. Please see listing for Kibos beautiful "sister" Pinchy, who is also looking for a new home after having lived together for over 12 years.


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