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In shelter Cat

Washington, DC, 20007
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Cutie Mika looking for her forever home! MIKA NEEDS A FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME!!!!

Name: Mika Best Guess for Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Best Guess for Age: 6 months as of 9/8/22 SEX: Male

Approximate Weight: 5 lbs as of 9/8/22

Coloring : Brown Tabby Type of Hair: Short
Gets Along With: Other cats! We dont know how Mika is with dogs or kids but due to her young age, she would probably be fine as long as they are cat-friendly and properly introduced!

Currently Living at: Foster in the DC area!

I am Looking For: Hi! My name is Mika! Im cute, arent I? Im hoping my forever home can be filled with love, toys, and maybe even a furry friend as well? I would love a home that will play with me, give me some soft spots to hang out in, and shower me with endless love! Could that home be yours?

What My Foster Says About Me: Very affectionate dude. Loves to have his lower back scratched. When seated he rubs against you wrapping himself around and a round. Has drink some water and used the litter tray twice. Good litter tray manners. A regular kitty whos playful and alert and open to being picked up and petted. When he first arrived after a bit of a stressful transport, he was a bit cautious with loud noises and sudden movements...but he just takes a bit to learn that people dont have to be scary!

TO ADOPT: The adoption fee for this cat is $175 ($300 for two cats or kittens adopted together), which includes the cost of routine vetting. If you are interested in adopting, please complete the Adoption Questionnaire online at

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