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In shelter Cat

Wayland, MI, 49348
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Crumpet: Male, Young

Crumpet is kind of a shy guy until he gets to know you, prefering to take his time building a relationship with his human - he has overcome a lot of his shyness at the center and once hes learned to trust you, he likes pets and affection, and is super quick to purr. He loves his butt scratched and will arch his butt into the air so you get to the perfect spot! He goes crazy over treats (especially plain cooked chicken), is very playful, and absolutely LOVES to burrow under blankets.

Crumpet has been with CCL for just over a year. He was trapped last summer at one of our ongoing TNR sites and has continued to overcome his shy nature and defy our expectations - constantly surprising us with his gentle and more and more outgoing self. It saddens us that he is still waiting for his forever family, but we know it’ll come along eventually and until then we are happy to stand in their place. 


Kittens: $150 or $250 for a pair, Adults: $100, Trained Emotional Support Cat: $250 

Adoption fees includes: Spay/Neuter, deworming, feline distemper, and FIV/FeLV testing

We do not declaw our cats.

Our adoption process is unlike others.  We take time and have you come into the cats home where you can interact and find the right fit for you.  We specialize is pairing the right cat for your family and household needs. 

Most adopters come for one cat but leave with a different one that better matches cat and persons needs for a long term bond.  

Applications are processed in order they are received. It can take a couple weeks to get applications approved. We will contact you when your application is ready to move to adoptions. If Interested, please fill out an application here:


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