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Cheeseball Puff   

In shelter Cat

West Olive, MI, 49460
Pet name:
Cheeseball Puff
Domestic Short Hair
Orange / Red
Cheeseball Puff is so loved he has info from the kennel techs at Harbor and his foster family!!!

Notes from Foster Family: Cheeseball Puff aka Big Cheese, Cheesey Cheese, cheese man. 
A sweet boy who loves everyone. Adorable chirps and chatters when you talk to him. Welcomes pets and attention from all people and other cats. No exposure to dogs yet. Tolerates silly kittens well. NEVER scratches anyone even when he is getting his nose wiped and wiggling around like a toddler. He does get snotty sneezes. Not a fan of being picked up, but will come when called. Generally stays low on the floor/mat/bed, not into climbing. Loves to look out sliding glass doors. Always pees in the litter box. Pooping confuses him and he goes in a couple different spots in his room.

Notes from Kennel techs: Meet Cheeseball Puff! He is one of the most special cats weve met. He came to us in rough shape, but through lots of love and patience, weve seen him change into an amazing companion animal. Cheeseball is special for many reasons, one of the biggest being that we suspect he is blind/has very minimal vision. It does not hinder him much; however, he does need some extra patience when adjusting to changes. For Cheeseball, routine is key to his life running smoothly! He needs his litterbox, food and water to remain in a constant place. This is how he will know where to go and what it smells like since he cant simply see the spaces! Reminder, he will likely take some time to adjust and may have some accidents along the way, so patience is key!! He has been in a foster home for majority of his stay with Harbor and has made worlds of progress! He hasnt had an accident in weeks, no longer needs daily baths from walking through his food, and has finally grown out of sleeping in his litterbox Once Cheeseball is comfortable in his space, his personality really has a chance to shine through. He loves to "talk and will chirp in response when you talk to him. Dont worry though, hell keep all of your secrets Cheeseball just wants a new home with a best friend to share his life with! Hes only 3 years old and would love nothing more than someone to snuggle on the couch with to "watch some tv! He would make the perfect companion in a quiet home. Help us find Cheeseball a peaceful, loving furever home!!


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