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Greyson E Box S. NJ   

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Sewell, NJ, 08080
Pet name:
Greyson E Box S. NJ
Eastern Box
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE CONTACTING MATTS OR requesting an application. Many of your questions will be answered below.

Im an adult male eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina) for adoption in southern NJ.  Im about 6" long and probably 15-30 years old. I was for adoption because my person died, which is why MATTS doesnt know how old I really am.

For my indoor winter pen, or if Im indoors permanently, a "turtle table" would be a good home, and it should at least 8 square feet of space, along with a substrate such as aged hardwood bark mulch, a water pan, artificial plants for hiding, and a heat light and UVB light over one end. Visit or e-mail to see ideas for temporary housing. This link shows you how to make an inexpensive indoor habitat from a book case.

A backyard pen should be screened in completely to keep out rats and raccoons. It should have lots of room for exploring and digging and soaking in a water pan or shallow pond designed just for box turtles.

To learn more about box turtles, visit or pick up a copy of Box Turtles by Tess Cook, available in some pet stores or on-line. To find instructions for a simple backyard box turtle enclosure, visit

I am eating the diet recommended here, but my foster family uses Mazuri or Zoo Med Growth Formula aquatic turtle food as the base of the diet (always soaked in water until soft, of course):
I love earthworms, strawberries, and plain baked sweet potato, but I need variety in my diet to stay healthy.

Keep in mind that males may harass lone females to the point of illness or death, and will likely fight with other males unless you have a VERY large enclosure with lots of visual barriers and hide spots, so its probably best if Im a single turtle unless you have a huge backyard enclosure for the summer.

Theres a $35 adoption fee. Local adopters pick up by appointment in southern NJ.  Our turtles come with a no sale/no trade adoption contract, and the edge of the shell is notched for easy visual ID.
TO REQUEST AN APPLICATION, e-mail - make sure to indicate YOUR CITY AND STATE.  No shipping!  Pick-up only. If you arent local, MATTS probably has another turtle available on Petfinder. 

I cannot be adopted to VA, GA, WV, PA, or most points north of PA on the eastern shore due to regulations in those states, although you can have a box turtle in CT. NY residents would need a special educational permit from the DEC to keep a box turtle. Residents of NJ, IN, and OH require a permit for EBTs. Maryland residents may require a permit IF they already have an eastern box turtle. If Im your only eastern box turtle, then you dont need a permit in Maryland. You can adopt me in NJ, OH, and MD before getting your permit.
In NJ, since our adoption contract serves as a receipt, visit
For MD (only if you will have more than one eastern box turtle), visit

Like turtles but cant have one? Want to help? MATTS accepts tax-deductible donations at MATTS, P.O. Box 341, Highland, MD 20777, or through PayPal at
Rescue is funded by donations only, and we find homes for over 100 animals a year.

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