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In shelter Dog

Torrington, CT, 06790
Pet name:
English Bulldog
Coat length:
Name: Tembo
Nicknames: Tembie, Bubbalinski, Tembanator
Breed: English Bulldog
Age: 2 years
Weight: 65 lbs.
Before OMD: Tembo has been with his family since puppyhood. As he matured, he became aggressive towards the other dogs in the home. After multiple incidents, it became clear that the best and safest thing was to find Tembo a new only-dog home.
Energy level: Higher. If you’re expecting a couch potato Bulldog couch, move along - you have the wrong dog.
Life Motto: Eat. Fart. Play. Sleep…repeat.
Descriptors: Meathead. Doofus. Stubborn. Goofy. Dopey.
Theme song: Wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus…Yep, he comes in like a wrecking ball.
Alter ego: Toss-up between a strong-willed, excitable, always moving, put-everything-in-his-mouth toddler, and a snoring, farting, stubborn, man-child.
What he loves most: Food. Toys (he likes to show them off and parade around with them outside). Laps (he thinks he should be right on top of them). And, again…food.
Moonlights as: A WWE wrestler. Overly amped up, probably has taken one too many hits to the head, and has lost all his good judgment.
What we love most: Hes a total goofball. Hes always wiggling, and his front end and back end tend to go in opposite directions. When he falls asleep, snoring louder than your average chainsaw, and his tongue is perpetually sneaking halfway out of his mouth.
Arch nemesis: The vacuum.
Working on: Reigning in his exuberance (i.e.: keeping four on the floor when meeting new people). Less anxiety on the leash, which leads to pulling and overstimulation. Less shark-style treat taking.
Dogs: Definitely not.
Cats: Also, a no. He obsessively chases.
Kids: No, again. His WWE wrestler side comes out and he gets a little too amped up trying to play and jump at kiddos.
Crate trained: Yes, and he needs to be when home alone. He has been known to eat dry wall when left alone and bored....
House trained: Sure is.
Ideal home: A Bully breed experienced family who is ready to make this ham their whole (dog) world, giving him a fun, loving life but continuing to work with him on training and boundaries.

Tembo is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm negative, and microchipped. He is available for adoption to CT and surrounding states. If you are interested in adopting, please complete an application from