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Luke (NC)   

In shelter Dog

Bridgeton, NJ, 08332
Pet name:
Luke (NC)
English Pointer
White / Cream
Coat length:
Luke - 5 years old, located in North Carolina
Dog ID#: 220923-P-D-GA
Intake Date: 7/23/2022
Available Date: 8/20/2022

Hi my name is Luke (FKA Lugnut). I’m approximately 5 years old, 58 pounds with big feet, and lived in Tignall, GA before coming to PRO.

I have been in my foster home since July 22nd, and I’m learning so much and behaving so well that my Foster Mom feels that I’ve been here for 6 months! I have been told I’m a fast learner! And I live to please my human. I’m very sad if I get yelled at like when I steal clean laundry from the basket. I LOVE soft blankets and towels and will steal them when possible!

I’m crate trained and have been taught to ‘WAIT’ before I come out of the crate, and listen to the command ‘OK’ when I know it is all right. But I hesitate to come out too soon since I love to get petted in the morning and told what a good boy I am. Did I tell you that I sleep through the night? I am also told the word ‘WAIT’ when in the back of the CRV, so I don’t jump out of the car until I hear the ‘OK’ from Mom. (I am tethered in the back of the car for safety’s sake.) I travel very well in the car.

I don’t counter surf, jump on people or lick you. I’m learning manners quickly. I sit when My food dish is being put down, waiting for a hug, then the word ‘OK’ before I eat. If my Mom can’t find me, I’m either sleeping in my crate or on the human bed, which I just LOVE! I’m NOT an out of control, high energy dog, I do listen well!

The command ‘Easy’ means I have to slow down when walking too fast. ‘Stop’ means to stop, mainly when walking in case a car is coming or Mom needs to pick up after us. I’m usually very good with my recall when told to ‘Come’. I do need more lead training, since if I see a squirrel, rabbit, or bird, I’ll just stop and will not move. Mom is always saying KEEP WALKING as she encourages me to keep moving. I am getting much better. I love our evening walks which are .5 to 2.5 miles depending on the weather. Remember, I have been an outside kennel dog most of my life, so I don’t understand what the proper manners are when walking on a lead. But I’m learning quickly and I hope you will give me a chance. I love my baths, BUT AFRAID OF HOSES, so Mom has to use a bucket and a cup to rinse me off. I’m learning the word GIVE, I have no food aggression issues, Mom will take my dinner and chewies away and then give it back, telling me I’m a good boy. I know GIVE also means to release the tennis ball when playing Chuck It.

I’m learning how to ring the bells to go outside and I have NEVER had an accident in the house, thanks to the Belly Band (doggie diapers) and Mom watching me closely and will let me out. I understand what ‘Go Potty’ means when I’m outside on the lead, this is great when we are traveling at rest stops or I don’t have a yard to run in. Bodie, my foster brother, teaches me how to do many things besides ringing the bells, like when I come in the house, I need to sit in the laundry room and get my ‘Toesies’ or ‘Muddy Toesies’ wiped off. When neighbors visit, they are impressed that both me and Bodie will stay in the laundry room till our feet are wiped before going into the kitchen. Bodie has also taught me how to play tag and tug. Before Bodie, I never knew how to play with another dog. I usually entertain myself by playing with toys, balls and towels. So, I’m happy if I am the only dog in the household.

I am the DESTROYER of stuffed toys; I love to shred them to pieces! The best toys for me are rope toys or chewies. When I have to be in my crate for a while if Mom needs to run errands, she makes sure I have some chewies and/or nylabones in my crate to keep me from getting bored. And I have always been a good boy! I will go into my crate, when told ‘In Your House’ without any problems and I’ll just lay down and behave myself, no barking! When she comes home, I am quiet until she comes to my crate to let me out. I’m not a noisy dog! But will talk to you especially in the morning. I like other dogs and kids, but have never been around a cat at my foster home. A fenced-in backyard would be nice, because I love to lay in the sun and run around and play, but not necessary.

The one thing that is a drawback about me, is that I’m a messy drinker! Mom is either foot mopping up after me or wiping my muzzle off as soon as I drink. Not bad for a 5-year-old kennel dog! 

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