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In shelter Rabbit

Longwood, FL, 32791
Pet name:
Florida White
Franklin is being returned to us, not due to any fault of his own. His familys situation has changed, and he needs to find a new family. Franklin was originally rescued, along with 10 other bunnies, by Jacksonville Animal Services. Another rescue with whom we work closely agreed to take the bunnies but didnt have space for all of them, and so we offered to help. The bunnies were all given patriotic names, like Freedom and Justice, and so we decided to name our bunny after one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. And what an appropriate name it is! Ben Franklin was a very smart man whose inventions include the lightning rod, bifocal glasses, and swim fins, to name just a few, and our Franklin is a very smart boy as well. Ruby-Eyed White (REW) bunnies are known for their intelligence, as well as their good dispositions; it would be no surprise if Franklin had a great invention to share with the world one day!

Like his namesake, Franklin is full of wit, wisdom and elegance. He is an easy-going bunny who gives a lot of love and warmth. He is happiest when he gets to free roam and explore his environment - perhaps investigating structural improvements which could be made. He has an extra litter box outside of his pen when he roams. Franklin is a good eater and prefers Oxbow and Small Pet Select. His favorite greens are Romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce and cilantro. He is not a big chewer but he can jump high, especially when performing a binkie. When he is not exploring he likes to relax on his IKEA doll bed and ponder and muse. This handsome boy is looking for a loving forever family who will appreciate his sweet nature, high jumps and deep thoughts.

We adopt to indoor homes only! If you are interested in adopting a bunny from Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions or would like more information on rabbit care, please visit our website at: The first step to our adoption process is to complete an adoption application, which can be found here: . Then one of our volunteers will reach out to you via email to schedule a time to speak with you. If you dont see the email in a day or two, please check your spam folder!

Our Adoption Fee/Donation for a single rabbit is $90, while a pair is $150. This helps to offset the cost of having the rabbits altered, microchipped and vaccinated, as well as any medical care that may have been required.

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Orlando Rabbit Care & Adoptions (ORCA)

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