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In shelter Dog

Windsor, CO, 80550
Pet name:
French Bulldog
This boy Louie has traveled ALL the way from California in the hopes of finding a FUREVER HOME. He is guessed to be a 2 yr old French Bulldog, around 25 lbs. He has had a pretty rough start to life. He is currently being treated for his medical condition. With the treatment we hope it will improve his quality of life long term. In the meantime, he is starting to come out of his shell in his foster home, and starting to slowly trust people once again!! OH BOY!! Who would have guessed there was such a cuddle bug underneath the barking exterior. Louie has a great LOVE for stuffed animals and balls! More than that he ADORES his person!! He will follow you wherever you may go. For now, he would be best as King of his own castle and as an only dog. Older or no kids are recommended. But if youre needing someone to bring a smile to your face every day that is LOUIE in a nutshell!! He doesnt let what we see as a disability hold him BACK!! He still runs around the yard, he still loves to snuggle in bed, and he still has SO MUCH LOVE to give! Please dont overlook this BOY he deserves a chance at happiness, family and a home of his own!! If you are interested in Louie, he is available in Severance, CO.


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