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In shelter Dog

Elk Grove Village, IL, 60009
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Extra Large
Lear (aka Bear) is a 120 lb Black German Shepherd. He was a show dog who didnt get great scores and was dumped off at a shelter when he was 1. He was adopted from Almost Home 5 years ago. The owners both recently passed at younger than expected ages. They loved Bear and he adored them.

He is so smart, obedient, wise, and just wants to be a good boy, wants to please people, all people, all of the time. He is extremely friendly with people, even if he doesnt know them, even children. He knows many simple everyday commands; no, sit, lay down (from sit), stay, wait, leave it, paw, up, and others. He loves to play fetch, tug of war, and he is great at catching treats in his mouth! He used to be a good leash walker, but has been out of the habit for the past two years, but he is smart, and an eager student, he could learn that again. He loves to ride in cars, gets a little anxious at stop lights, but when the car moves he will lay down and sleep! It soothes him! He loves to be brushed and groomed. He is very healthy! 

Bear is THE sweetest dog! He is gentle and loving with everyone. Every single person who meets him, loves him. He gently greets you at the door with manners, he does not knock you over. 

He is like a giant teddy bear, he was certainly named correctly. He just wants to be at your side, getting and giving love. He loves to be pet and he gives as much love as he gets, moreso. He is so cuddly. He just sits at your feet and stares at you with those big GSD eyes, melting your heart. He loves to follow you around the house, as you cook or clean or whatever, like hes helping you. 

His ideal home would be:
Just him and his people. We have started temperament tested him and will consider experienced shepherd owners that may have another dog, we have not conclusively decided he can live with other dogs at this time. We have not cat tested him yet but see no prey significant drive. 
Hes good with kids and all people so far. 
He should have a fenced in yard. 

Adoption fee is $100

Almost Home Foundations adoption requirements:
(1) Be at least 21 years of age;
(2) Have the consent of all adults living in the household;
(3) Have approval from the residence owner;
(4) Have valid ID with current address;
(5) Be approved by Almost Home Foundation as a suitable adoptive home; and
`(6) Live in the suburbs surrounding Schaumburg (Illinois Residents only)
*** Please note that Almost Home Foundation accepts only cash or checks for adoption fees; we do not accept debit or credit cards. ***

Originating Organization

If you find the pet, contact this organization
too for assistance in finding its owner.

Almost Home Foundation

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