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Bear (GA)   

In shelter Dog

Fremont, CA, 94537
Pet name:
Bear (GA)
German Shepherd Dog
Bear is a loyal protective and energetic puppy. He loves running around in the backyard going on car rides and going on walks and adventures. He mainly stays in the house but does go to the backyard often. He is house-trained and goes out to the yard as he needs to. If the door is not open he sits beside it and paws at it or barks to get your attention. He is incredibly intelligent and learns certain words and tricks very quickly. He specifically knows sit paw and down. He also knows up which we use to tell him to get up on the couch so we can get his harness on. He likes to be around people and is very friendly. He loves it when strangers come up to him and he allows them to pet and play with him. He prefers to be home with his family but he can easily stay home alone freely for at least 2-4 hours as of now. He is scared of the crate but does not bark uncontrollably if he is put inside. Usually he is okay in the crate for about 45 minutes if he has some food/treats or toys but does bark or bite the crate from time to time. Bear does not bark too much but given that he is a husky he loves to talk. He usually barks when he hears the doorbell or a stranger outside. He does very well on the Fourth of July and does not get scared. He has about moderate energy given he is a husky. Usually he naps in the morning after a short 20-minute walk and also naps in the evening after another 20/30 minute walk. I think he would love some more exercise so a moderately active family would be great. We are not sure about how well he would be with little kids or small dogs. He is not at all aggressive but he is highly energetic and excitable so his playing can seem a little rough. Older kids/teens and large dogs would be wonderful! Im sure he would love the playmates. He does not sleep on the bed but sleeps on his own bed next to his favorite human. He also loves to nap by the window or on the couch with the recliner up. He loves his squeaky toys and bones. He needs some more training but should not be difficult to train. He is not too stubborn. He pulls on the leash right now but we have not really given him leash training yet. He needs training to stop his puppy-nips a bit but usually is able to be distracted with toys or treats. He is a really good boy who loves to cuddle and give kisses. He loves getting scratches and pets. Bear can be a picky eater but eats kibble if you hand feed him or add a food topper. He is sensitive to the Simply Nourish food brand so it would be best to avoid it. His favorite kibble is Blue Buffalo duck kibble. He also loves anything with fish. He is microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.
We are helping Bears current guardian to rehome him. Please fill out our online application and we will forward to them. Adoption fee would be minimum $100 donation to Furry Friends Rescue. However since it is best to wait until 1 year to neuter large breed dogs any adoption is contingent on his neuter at 1 year and there will be a $50 deposit to be returned once he is neutered. If you have specific questions please send them through and we will put you in touch with his current guardian.


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