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Atlas von Anzig+   

In shelter Dog

Los Angeles, CA, 90007
Pet name:
Atlas von Anzig+
German Shepherd Dog
Atlas von Anzig is a stunning, 14-month-old German Shepherd sporting the classic good looks and confidence that personifies his breed.  He’s stellar on leash, heeling next to you throughout the walk. Although he’s learned to stay off the furniture, he has been known to catch a few winks on the family sofa after his humans bed down for the night; mostly, though, he opts to sleep on a favorite rug elsewhere in the house.  Independent and energetic, this he-man is friendly with all adults though not into snuggling; he savors being petted by you and enjoys playing with his toys. He is very comfortable in canine playgroups, greeting each new dog who enters the yard and mingling with  the whole group.  In the house he likes to follow you around to make sure you are completing your chores efficiently.  Atlas is beginning to like car trips but, true to his no-furniture policy, he lies on the floor in the back of the car versus sitting on the seats.  This guy has a strong prey drive towards small animals, so no small dogs or cats are foreseen in his future adults-only home.  Like his mythological namesake, Atlas is ready to take on the world – and hopes to share yours!

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