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In shelter Dog

Macon, GA, 31210
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Name: Cooper
Breed: German Shepherd Dog mix (maybe with Greyhound)
Sex/Age/Weight: Male/est. b-day 10-16-2019/50-55 lbs
Vetting: neutered/microchipped/up to date on vaccinations 
House Trained/Crate Trained: yes/mostly (for longer spans CBD oil and calming supplements recommended)
Dogs/Cats/Children: playful with dogs/not tested with cats/good with children 3 and up
Energy Level: Highest energy
Before FAR: I was a ""free to good home"" puppy given as a gift to someone whose adult dog was mourning the death of their oldest dog and he hated me; so I was then given to a teenager who didnt have his parents permission and for 2 years they kept me tethered by chain to a tree, so I couldnt run flat out like I need to, and I didnt get training or play time with other animals or people or much socializing
Training Status/Commands I Know: leave it, off, sit
Working On: stay, place, down
Things I Like: Running is my favorite, especially with other dogs; I also like eating, snuggling, climbing, wrestling, chasing thrown toys that I might bring back, digging, chewing bones and other dog toys, but sometimes I like to have a little space
Things I Dont Like: I dont like to be alone or crated all day long because it makes me feel scared that Ive been forgotten; I get very nervous being outside in stormy weather; every now and then Id rather not be petted while Im lying down
Ideal Family/Home: I hope someone adopts me who is patient, teaches me consistently what they want me to do and engage my mind, makes sure I get plenty of exercise while keeping me safe, and has a little time every day for playtime and cuddles 
Special Notes: Cooper is a fast runner who needs active outdoor time at least twice a day to work off his energy, so a large back yard with a tall fence or going for leashed runs/walks is best. He is very clever too, so he is highly trainable, but sometimes gets bored with inactivity, so treat puzzles or other appropriate mind engaging activities can help

If you are interested in giving Cooper a forever home, please visit the link below to fill out an application! It is best to submit an application through a computer. We have experienced some problems when applications have been submitted using a mobile device. *When you submit the application, you are not obligated to adopt however it does reserve for you the opportunity to adopt that particular animal. We review them on a first come first served basis. If your application is approved, we will contact you and allow you the opportunity to adopt. If you choose not to adopt, we will contact the next approved applicant. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us and we will be glad to help!


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