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In shelter Dog

Oklahoma City, OK, 73112
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Meet Kaiser, an approximately 58lb, male, German Shepherd mix who was born in approximately January 2021 and became a Misfit when he was brought into a local shelter emancipated and barely using his front legs. This pet is neutered, up to date on all age-appropriate vaccinations, heart-worm negative, and micro-chipped!

It was discovered that Kaiser was not using his front legs because of breaks in them. After additional care and a visit to the neurologist it was also determined that he has Osteochondrodysplasia. This is simply a growth and developmental abnormality that causes he bones to not grow to their normal size or shape. Due to both of these, Kaiser bunny hops when he walks and runs. He takes a daily medication to help with pain as well as a supplement. He also does swim therapy at the Waterbark which has helped loosen him up and walk better.

Kaiser doesn’t let any of his medical issues slow him down. He’s just like a normal dog. He is house trained, crate trained, and working on leash training. Due to large hops and irregular gait, he sometimes pulls. Kaiser knows the sit, lay, and crate commands. He is working on stay but he really doesn’t like you wandering too far without him. He is treat motivated and could learn more skills with practice. Kaiser is not a good car rider. While he does go for car rides a lot to go to the park or swimming, he does get car sick if he is riding for a prolonged amount of time.

Kaiser lives with puppies and dogs of all sides and a cat. He has done wonderfully with them all. He can be vocal when meeting a new dog but he is just trying to say hello. He does not currently live with children but he does like them. Due to his size and inability to aim his front legs just right, he would do better with older children. He could easily knock down younger children on accident.

Kaiser is a wonderful dog. He is very loyal and loves to be in the same room with you. His favorite spots are at his fosters feet or in his crate. He really enjoys playing and rolling around. He plays in the yard with the other dogs and keeps up with them all. He loves his squeaky plush toys and puzzle toys that give him treats. Kaiser is a medium to high energy dog. He does tire more easily compared to most dogs his size but still has lots to give. Kaiser does enjoy a routine and definitely knows when it’s supposed to be dinner time. He eats at 8am and 8pm so he can take his medicine with food. He lets you know when he needs out by standing at the back door. If the need is extreme, he may jump on the door due to his inability to scratch with his front paws. He is usually let out every 3 hours since his foster is home but he can make it a full work shift as needed.

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