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In shelter Dog

Van Horne, IA, 52346
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Extra Large
My name is Gus, but I answer to Gussy, Wussy, Gussy the Bear, almost anything. I am a big boy, I am working on it but these things take time. I might have a little mountain dog in me, I love to roll in the snow. I love going for walks with my foster dad and I am really good off leash. I get lots of off leash privileges when we walk. I love to chase geese but I havent caught any yet. 

When my dad is at work, I get the whole house to myself and never abuse it or get into things Im not suppose to. I also stay off the furniture, not because I was told to, but because its just how I roll. I never knew what a bed was until I came to my foster dads house, now I love sleeping on it. Beds are the best! Also, I am very patient when my foster dad is home and just hang out until its my turn to go do something. Oh yeah, and I love car rides! 

Im a rescue from Waterloo. My first year I was on a chain and mildly abused. My second owner adopted me and I lived outside in a large fenced yard for about two years. My owner had shops outside and I would spend time with him in the shops. He liked to feed me people food and I got up to 160 lbs. Then my owner had to go to a home and I went to live with my foster dad in January. Since then, we have been working on my manners and Im learning to dog. I wasnt heavily socialized so I have some learning to do. 

The good news is Im really smart and I am getting better every day. I was maced by a delivery driver once and I still remember that. So when people offer me their hand to sniff, I get scared and bark. If you just ignore me, then I am content to hang out. Once I know you and trust you, then you can snuggle with me and touch me. 

When I first came downtown, lots of things scared me. I have learned to be confident and I keep growing every day. I get along with other dogs, I even live with one now. Just remember, I can get a little scared. 

We have been working on my weight and I am down to 115 pounds (June 21st) and still losing weight. I have been a good sport about losing weight but cant wait to get to my proper weight so I can eat a little more. The vet is monitoring me each month and we are not sure what my healthy weight is yet. 

Im curious about cats but probably should not be around them. Also, since I grew up without socialization, my foster dad does not let me around small children. I have a big heart and respond well to new boundaries my foster dad sets for me, but I still have work to do. If you are up for a big baby like me, I think we will get along great!

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German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Iowa

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