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Tarquin - Wallflower   

In shelter Dog

Washington, IA, 52353
Pet name:
Tarquin - Wallflower
German Shepherd Dog
This doggy is described as a Wallflower. Shy yet charming canine searching for patient owner with relaxed lifestyle. Looking for gentle guidance to help me come out of my shell. Treat me sweet and kind and I’ll blossom. (Internally motivated)

Dog Name: Tarquin
Sex: Male
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: Golden
Looks Most Like: German Shepherd
Also Looks Likie: Golden Retriever
Intake Type: Stray
Weight: 34 lbs

** Personality Scores **
Friendliness: 7 out of 34
Fearfulness: 0 out of 36
Excitability: 2 out of 33
Aggressiveness: 0 out of 36
Playfulness: 1 out of 21
Knows Cues: 1 out of 15

Recommendation: Suitable for adoption with routine screening and counseling, may have some restrictions.

** Potential Problems/Recommended Training **
Still does a lot of barking when you approach his
kennel but is very sweet once you get him out. 
Need to work on basic commands and potty training.
Does well with other dogs. 
Is doing well on leash.

Remember, it is important to provide dogs with social interaction, mental stimulation, and the exercise that they need. Visit our enrichment programs to find out more.

** Behavioral History Summary **
There is no information about this dog’s behavior in a home, from a surrendering owner, foster
home, etc. 

** Shelter Behavior Summary **
Aggression to People
No behavior issues identified in this area.

Aggression toward Veterinarians or Groomers
No behavior issues identified in this area.

Aggression to Animals
No behavior issues identified in this area.

** Behavior Evaluation Summary **
Subtest 1: Leash Manners
Doesnt Pull

Subtest 2a: Room Behavior Part 1
Approach Person, Stay Near Person for 5+
Seconds, Sniff Person

Subtest 2b: Room Behavior Part 2
Yes, dog came when called, times tried 3,
Approach Person, Stay Near Person for 5+
Seconds, Sniff Person

Subtest 3: Cues
Come: 3

Subtest 4: Handling
Approach Person

Subtest 5a: Toys - Ball
No interest

Subtest 5b: Toys - Plush
No interest
Subtest 5c: Toys - Tug
No interest

Subtest 6: Run and Freeze
Approach Person

Subtest 7: Rubber Hand
Approach Hand, Sniff Hand

Subtest 8a: Possessiveness
Eat food

Subtest 8b: Possessiveness - Pig Ear
No interest

Subtest 9: Toddler Doll

Subtest 10: Strange Looking Woman

Subtest 11a: Dog to Dog - Dog 1
Tina, Female, Approach Dog, Jump up on
Dog, Sniff Dog, Paw Dog, Wag Tail

For more information on this animal contact or call 319-653-6713.

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If you cannot currently adopt, donations are welcome and needed including financial help to sponsor this specific animal. 
To donate via Paypal, copy and paste our home page URL at or mail donations to PAWS and More, 1004 1/2 West Madison, Washington, IA 52353. 

We recommend crate training until you’re confident that your dog is used to his/her new home:

All our dogs have been spayed or neutered or arrangements will be made if currently too young. They will be treated for fleas, bathed, vaccinated against distemper/parvo, treated against general parasites, and if of age, tested for heart worms and vaccinated against rabies. If underage for these things at the time of adoption, they are to be done at the adopter’s cost when the dog becomes of age. They will be microchipped at the time of adoption.