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In shelter Dog

Wayland, MA, 01778
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Zoro is a friendly fellow who enjoys the company of his people.  He greets you with a wagging tail and happy smile.  He enjoys being the center of attention and was very much loved by his former family.  His owner tragically passed away and her husband traveled for work.  He brought Zoro with him whenever possible, but this still left Zoro in boarding for long periods of time.  He knew this wasn’t fair to Zoro and he wanted him to find a home to give him the rich life he deserved.  

Understandably, Zoro was very confused when he was initially brought into the care of his foster home.  He missed his family, seemed very sad, and didn’t want to engage in training or play with the other dogs in the home.  We decided to move him to a training facility with an attached daycare and play area to give Zoro a chance to decompress.   He is now doing wonderfully and ready to find his forever home.  

Zoro is playful and acts younger than his age.  He will splash around in the play area kiddie pool for hours during the hot weather.  He enjoys the company of the other dogs and is quickly becoming a favorite of the staff.  His trainer notes that, although he hasn’t shown any aggression, he is a little too interested in smaller dogs so we believe that he would do better with a larger dog in the home or as an only dog.  As typical of working dog breeds, Zoro has a lot of drive and will need a patient, gentle leader who will continue his training and keep him active.  Zoro’s forever person or family will be rewarded with years of loyal companionship.  Could that person be you?