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In shelter Dog

Hastings, MN, 55033
Pet name:
Golden Retriever
Coat length:
Good With Dogs: Yes
Good With Cats: unknown
Good With kids: yes
Age: Approx. 3 year
Adoption Fee: $350
Fee Includes: Current vaccinations, micro chip, and altered
If you want to be considered for adoption, fill out an application at

Harry came to Emotional Rescue about a year and a half ago. It is believed that he was beaten until his back was broken. His owners brought Harry and his brother to a shelter where they were both going to be put to sleep. They believed Harry was unadoptable and his brother would be too sad without him. They were both rescued and Harry quickly took to his wheelchair. His brother happily found a family of his own.
Harry is part Golden Retriever and is about 3 years old.
Harry has a strong personality. He is confident in his adorableness and rightly believes that everyone should love him at first sight. He is a strong believer in getting kisses and hugs before being put to bed and insists on it. 
Harry needs a fenced in yard so he can run fill tilt in his wheels. He currently lives on a farm with a nature trail where he runs laps, digs in the woods and chases the farm animals whenever possible.
Harry requires daily care. He needs a bath at least once a day as he does not have control of his bathroom functions. He loves diapers. Not to wear, just to rip up and shred. He also loves to take diapers off his other wheelie friends. Hes a bit of a rascal that way.
Harry weighs about 60 pounds. Potential adopters will need to lift him for baths and to help him in and out of his wheel chair.
Harry loves people of all sizes. Kids 12 years and up, who are fast movers would be best (and no small dogs) because Harry drives his wheels as if he learned from playing Grand Theft Auto. He runs over everyone that doesnt get out of his way. He loves whipping Louies (Doughnuts?) In the snow and mud. He strongly believes that hes living the dream and hes full of joy.
There is a certain amount of work that goes along with caring for Harry (And I mean work of the poop cleaning variety) but he is quite a remarkable dog that bring happiness and laughter.
This pup does not have control of bathroom functions.  Baths will be required daily and Living area will have to be created, such as in a play pen where there is soft bedding that can be changed out  couple times a day.
To meet Harry, apply at


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