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In shelter Dog

Newport, KY, 41072
Pet name:
Golden Retriever
Asher is an amazing dog and is one of my easiest fosters ever! But I have an easy home. I do not have little kids, and my house is very quiet and calm. Asher would love an environment like that, but he wishes he had a yard where he can chase squirrels! He also would prefer at least one other doggy playmate, and was fostered in a home with several doggy friends he got along great with! This housebroken, crate-trained good boy is pretty low-energy and great at entertaining himself with chewies, but is also very good on walks and will enjoy a jog with you. He also enjoys pretending to be a lap dog and loves cuddling his people.

Asher would love a laid-back home environment where he can go rest in the safety of his crate or a spare room, especially when new people are invited over, or if the TV and other commotion is too much. He is good at avoiding stresses and seeking a calm place - hes a very smart dog! Asher has quite a prey drive so small pets, including cats and chickens, are not recommended with Asher.

Asher had been returned due to nervous and aggressive behaviors when kids were around (not TOWARD the kids, but apparently just over-protective of them), but in my home, he is NOT a nervous dog. Kids and noises, such as yelling, seem to stress Asher out, so he will have to go to a no-kid household. However, a previous foster said he was great when children came over to visit, so this is something Asher has improved and will continue to improve upon with patience and TREATS! Whenever Asher meets a new person, either at my house or in public, I give them snacks to give to him, and it works like a charm and has helped immensely so that now hes meeting people with no issues.

So this young guy still has to continue to learn that new people are friendly and nice, and often have doggy treats, but aside from that I feel like Asher is a pretty perfect dog! Hes very treat-driven and very easy to train, and hes SO well-behaved whether in the car, getting his nails trimmed, on a walk - pretty much whenever!


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