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In shelter Dog

Richmond, BC, V7C 4N1
Pet name:
Golden Retriever
Coat length:
Wilson is a 3-year-old boy who was rescued from a poor living condition. His previous owner left him outside 24/7 and our rescue partner in Korea successfully convinced the family to surrender the dog to them. Wilson is now ready for his new journey. 

Wilson is waiting for his freedom flight to Canada. We have a foster home in place in the Richmond area, but would love to be lucky enough to find a “foster to adopt” home, so Wilson can immediately start bonding with his new family.

Wilson loves human and is so sweet and affectionate. He does not enjoy accompany of doggy friends and will always try to avoid them if they approach him. He has not biten any other dogs in the rescue but if they insist to interact with him, he will growl. Wilsons adopter has to respect that Wilson does not want doggy friends and enjoy being the only dog. He needs an experienced owner who understands how to properly handle him and remove him from any stressful situations, so that his discomfort around dogs would not escalate. 

Wilson has not been tested around small children, cats, or smalls animlas so we do not recommend those for his new home.

Wilson has not had leash training as he was chained most of the time. He will need to bond and train with you before he can be safe and trusted off leash. There are many local sights sounds and smells that can spook new dogs that we don’t think about. 

Wilson knows to go potty outside. Ensuring house training will need supervision and positive reinforcement but Wilson should adapt quickly.

AGAIN - An adopter should be prepared to provide positive and supervised socialization experiences. Wilson will need extra attention in a new environmen (no off leash walks), and his adopter needs to understand and be prepared to help him learn and succeed. Please realize though Wilson is handsome and adorable, he will be a lot of work and dedication to grow to be the best good boy.

Wilson is about 27 kgs  (approximately 60 lbs). He is neutered and microchipped.

Vaccinations are up to date:
- Corona
- Influenza
- Kennel cough
- Rabies
- Parasite control UTD

Our adoption application is here:

We may not have time to respond to all inquires. Priority is given to those who contact us via a complete adoption application. Thank you.