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In shelter Dog

Brunswick, OH, 44212
Pet name:
Great Dane
Coat length:
Got kids? Got kids who love to play in ditches no matter how many times you tell them no? Tippy will fit right in! Tippy is all about playing in dirty ditches, catching moles, frogs, bugs, birds, you name it! Oh, and jumping on picnic tables. Tippy thinks they are the coolest things. They give him that extra height so he can look farther beyond for more little creatures. Tippy says sometimes if you’re lucky, you may just find yummy things on the table :) …  Other favorite activities? Playing ball and car rides! Car rides to somewhere or nowhere are a welcomed treat! Speaking of treats, show him a treat or two and he will giddily demonstrate some basic commands he has under his belt. Sit, paw, lay down, stay. Wait, there’s more. When it is mealtime, Tippy will go to his bowl and wait while his 4-legged friends are being fed. When he wants to go outside, Tippy will ring the bell. Is he smart or what? ♥ Smart, energetic, active, sometimes obedient, and super friendly with people, Tippy will keep your household laughing with his silly antics :) There will not be a dull day. He will keep you moving and motivated. Tippy is good with horses and cats. That said, he will give chase if the cat runs. It’s game on to see who can run faster and play harder. 

Tippy is 1.5 years, Great Dane/Lab/Pit mix. He is looking for an active home where some sort of play time is always in the books. Be it play time with the kids, car rides, running, hiking, ditch playing or frog chasing, Tippy is always down for a good time! Tippy is housetrained, people, horse and cat friendly. He is dog selective due to a bad encounter with a reactive dog?