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In shelter Dog

Seattle, WA, 98106
Pet name:
Great Dane
Coat length:
Hi, my name is Domino!  I am approximately 3 years old and weigh 55 pounds.  My people think I may be a boxer mix.   I was found on the streets of Houston walking all alone for months, looking for food and having to stay away from bad humans who didn’t want me around their properties or their businesses.  Because of this, I was a little afraid of them, but then I was rescued.  I was taken to a hospital to be checked by a vet and make sure I was healthy.  They said I had a few issues like worms, long nails and other things which are easy to fix.  The main issue was that I was still not sure of these humans, so I had to stay there a little longer until I finally got better.  I had some well deserved rest the humans call decompression and then I let people put a leash on me and walk me. 

After the hospital they took me to another guy.  They said he was a trainer and he would work with me on my trust issues.  It worked and I now walk very well on a leash.  I come back when you call me, I sit on command, I wait for my treats and food, I like my crate and I wait patiently while my foster hooman comes back from work.  I don’t destroy my bed, but I do like to chew on toys.  I like to meet other dogs but of course the first time, we must meet on a walk, just like other dogs when they meet.  I tend to ignore cats, but you know I am a dog and a good chase is always an option...especially when I feel spunky. I would like to find a home where the people would take me for a daily walk.  Heck! I would also like to go hiking on those beautiful PNW trails, 

I would love to sleep on a comfy bed or maybe even a couch! I have never had that.  I would love to be taken on car rides because I’m really good in the car.  If you think that you can give me this type of home, preferably with no kids and a relatively quiet home environment with a yard, that would be a perfect home for me.  

I may be shy at first meeting you, but with a little patience, I know we can become best friends. My foster mom says I’m one of the best dogs she has ever fostered and definitely the most improved in the behavior department.  

I am neutered, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. 

Please email for application instructions.