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Callan ATX   

In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78729
Pet name:
Callan ATX
Great Pyrenees
Meet Callan! Originally from a hoarding situation, he was surrendered first to one rescue, where he escaped. TGPR had to get help to trap him! Fast forward a few months and he is such a fun and friendly pup. Callan is what we refer to as a Pocket Pyr! Small in stature, BIG in personality. He was VERY shy when he arrived, but has warmed up and turned into a super social boy! He LOVES to play and hang out with his foster pack, and would do best in a home without small kids (loud noise can still spook him) and with a couple other dogs for him to pal around with. Be careful though! If hes left outside unsupervised in a short fence, or chain link fence, he can climb out. Yeah, we wouldnt believe it either if we hadnt seen it! Callan the Snuggle Bug is looking for his forever family. His ideal home will have a couple of other playful doggos, and people who understand that new situations can be a little intimidating for him, and give him the support he needs to experience the GOOD that life has to offer!


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