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Johnny & Jeff in AL - Super Sweet Pair!   

In shelter Dog

Birmingham, AL, 35235
Pet name:
Johnny & Jeff in AL - Super Sweet Pair!
Great Pyrenees
White / Cream
Coat length:
What is better than one pyrfect boy? TWO pyrfect boys!! Introducing bonded pair, Johnny and Jeff (hes the one with a natural mohawk :) and these two young boys are looking for an active, loving furever home so they can stay together and be your pyrfect buddies. Being young boys and all, Johnny and Jeff are playful and would do best where there is a safe and secure fenced yard for them to run and play. With the summer heat these days, these two have learned to enjoy the luxury of indoor AC and will happily chill by the air vent during the hottest time of the day. With the sweetest personalities, both boys adore human companionship and enjoy getting regular pets and scratches. These days, Johnny and Jeff are having a blast learning basic cues, especially since delicious treats are offered! These two are very treat motivated and it is such a joy to watch them learn. All in all, Johnny and Jeff are pyrfect for someone who has the physical space for two big boys, as well as the patience to show them the ropes of navigating the busy world with humans. We are pawsitive that Johnny and Jeff will be your pyrfect companions for years to come!

NYS Registered Rescue # RR102
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Secure VISIBLE fencing is required; invisible fencing WILL NOT contain this breed. 

Our goal is to assess every application on its own merits. Key considerations are: 1) the experience of the applicant with large breed dogs 2) children in the household or regularly visiting the household are ready for a large-breed dog who is a guardian by nature ( and 3) the sex of other dogs currently residing in the household to avoid same-sex aggression issues. For puppies under six months old, the applicant’s ability to socialize the puppy with older dogs is a priority.