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Hayden & Perry   

In shelter Small or Furry

Pittsburgh , PA, 15234
Pet name:
Hayden & Perry
Guinea Pig
Hayden & Perry are two distinguished young men with lots of love to give. Perry is a skinny pig, so he will require a little bit of extra care to help keep him in tip-top shape. This unique pair is at our Castle Shannon location. Email us to find out more!

Boys or girls??    Males are usually much more cuddly at an earlier age than females.   Males get along just as well as females. 

Like all bonded pairs, they have to be adopted together. If you would like to meet these boys, any of the other adoptable piggies at the rescue, or would like more information please email

Guinea pigs are social animals and should always have at least one other friend of their own kind. These wonderful little creatures live an average of 5 to 7 years. We’ve even seen them live until they were 9-10 years old! Children under the age of 12 should always be supervised by an adult when holding guinea pigs. Also, a responsible adult should supervise their care and well-being. Email us at for more information including our adoption form and our Guinea Pig Care Packet with the essential information all guinea pig owners should have.


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