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Juniper & Ash   

In shelter Small or Furry

Tujunga, CA, 91042
Pet name:
Juniper & Ash
Guinea Pig
Meet baby Ash!
Ash and his brother Juniper were found by a couple who just happened to be taking a walk in a park, when they heard a distinct WHEEEEEK WHEEEEK coming from a bush.

You can imagine their shock when they looked under the bush and saw 2 tiny baby guinea pigs.
Obviously dumped there by some uncaring person, these two babies were left to fend for themselves in soaring summer temps.

The couple who spotted them tried for 3 days to catch them with no success. They did leave food for them each day and that combined with the shade of the bush is how we think they managed to survive.

By the time we were alerted they had been there 4 days. So our team immediately jumped into action, headed to the park and within 30 min had the boys safely caught and tucked away! (way to go Annie and Will!)

Both Juniper and his brother Ash are about 4 months old .
All of our piggies are fostered in LA, OC and Ventura Counties. If you would like to meet them message us today!