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Bill & Ralph   

In shelter Small or Furry

Winnipeg, MB, R3T 3C9
Pet name:
Bill & Ralph
Guinea Pig
Brown / Chocolate
Hi, we are Bill and Ralph! 

We are approximately two years old now, and on the hunt for our forever home. We both came into the rescue on our own, but we have become good friends during our stay here.

Ralph here! I am the caramel colored guinea pig. I love doing zoomies and playing with anything willow. I love to bury myself in my hay and relax while chowing down. I also love my veggies and kibble and will be the first one to let my foster mom know I am ready for my next round of food. Wheek wheek, Hurry up mom! 

I really enjoy coming out of the pen and spending time with my foster family. I love hanging out with the family and getting nose scratches. I even taught my foster family that when I pull on your shirt it is time to put me back in my pen. Last fall, I injured one of my back toes. Since then it has healed up nicely and no longer hurts. My toe will probably always look a bit wonky but I think it gives me character! (Ralphs toe will need to be checked every 6 months or so as it may require pain medication in the future.)

Bill here! I am the tri-coloured guinea pig. I love relaxing in my hay pile, flipping my hides, and playing with my toys. I can come across as a bit shy and will run when you try to pick me up, but if you have food, I will be right there with Ralph to get some! 

I love to get out of my pen and explore the house. I am not afraid to jump off the couch and go exploring. My favorite time of day is when my foster mom refreshes the hay in our box. I will do lots of popcorns to make sure she knows just how excited I am.

So now that you have met us, what do you say? Are you ready to take on a pair of sweet guinea pigs? We may be a bit shy at first, but we think we could make an amazing addition to your family. 

Their adoption fee is $25.00 (NOTE:  Bill & Ralphs adoption fee has been generously sponsored by Kristy L!!)

If you are interested in meeting Ralph & Bill, please fill out the adoption application on our website:

Adoption fee includes:

* Health check upon entering rescue;
* Educational information booklet, including a list of guinea pig savvy vets in Winnipeg;
* Ongoing access to our team for questions that may arise after adoption (for the life of the animal)


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