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In shelter Dog

Marion, NC, 28752
Pet name:
White / Cream
SNOOPY WAS RESCUED FROM LIFE ON A CHAIN! Vet estimated his age at 7 years but the elderly owner knows his DOB and he is only 2 years old. That shows the hard life he has had in his short time on earth. 

Snoopy is HEARTWORM POSITIVE. Snoopy NEEDS A FOSTER where he can receive his medical treatment while undergoing strict crate rest and leash walking- a necessary part of the heartworm treatment protocol. He will be available for adoption after his treatment is complete, all vetting done and the vet has released him with a clean bill of health.

Snoopy will begin heartworm treatment on October 10 and Dr. Shannon at Animal Hospital of Marion, Inc. quoted $450 for his heartworm treatment if everything goes smoothly, then theres his neutering, which has to wait until treatment is done. All total we expect the medical costs to save him will be around $600. 

Many of you offered to donate to his medical treatment and some even offered to foster. Here’s the information to do that. Snoopy is listed under Mercy Fund Animal Rescue at the Animal Hospital of Marion, 828-724-4774. If you would like to help, you can donate in several ways. 

1.\tCall Animal Hospital directly and make a payment to the Mercy account for Snoopy. Tell the front desk to clearly note on the deposit that the proceeds are for “Snoopy’s heartworm treatment”. Then please email your name, date and the amount of donation so we can keep track of his outstanding bill. 
2.\tDonate by PayPal. Donation to Also note that the donation is for “Snoopy”. Use friends and family option to avoid fees.
3.\tMail a check payable to “Mercy Fund” and mail to PO BOX 2371, Marion, NC 28752. Include a note that the donation is for Snoopy. 

Were still looking for foster respite commitments. We’d consider a joint foster situation with Janet who rescued him. His foster person will need a spot for him for a couple of nights over the next few months. While hes undergoing heartworm treatment he has to be really inactive, so, spending most of his time in a crate and being walked on a leash outside for bathroom breaks and short slow walks. Sadly, he will not be able to play with other dogs during this time, even though he really, really wants to. Time on the sofa chillin’ is perfectly acceptable too. Hell be happy to snuggle with you! 

Notes from his current foster:

He is such a sweet boy, its been heartbreaking to have to restrict him from being with my dogs who also want to run and play with him. He is smart too, hes learned the routine of this rotation system in the last couple of days. Im feeding them all 3 in close proximity to one another to avoid any kind of food guarding issues, which he is showing NONE of luckily. Hes let out to do his business and roam the dog yard for short periods which I think is best for his mental wellness (hell not be free in the yard after the HW treatment for awhile. Rest and leash walking only is allowed). Ill be able to work on some training (he didnt even know sit), leash walking, and potty training (which is going well with supervision). He loves and needs affection and physical contact! He has a wonderfully sweet disposition.

Thank you!

Post by Susan for JF