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West Palm Beach, FL, 33405
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In the 1st week of March of 2022, just under a year since he was adopted, he he was returned.   There were some unforeseen medical issues and some changes in the home and and there was apparently some behavior changesome behavior changes as a result of these environmental issues.

 When he was returned we brought him immediately to our trainer of which he spent nearly 2 weeks with At which time not one single complaint or concern or concern for his return was shown or expressed.

He is a great dog hes about 7 years old at this point in March of 2022 and he is sweet he is gentle he is kind he is a hound with prey drive,  therefore no cats, no small animals. Having control of him while walking is mandatory. But he has no issues with passing other dogs or some of the "issues" in which he was returned. To be discussed with potential adopter. This beauty deserves a happy ending!

Original posting from early 2021: His story is peculiar but it is also kind of sad for him. We hope for an amazing ending.

On the night of 1.30.21 in downtown lake worth this beautiful boy was left at a local pub by a girl who wasnt the owner of record. Nor the interim owner. She simply left him there and went on her way. As to how she acquired him is unknown. 

But lets kind of piece the mystery.. he is chipped.. and it turns out he was adopted from the borth shore animal league in April 2015 as a young 8 week old pup.

The adopters had him the whole time..but now lets go back to late November..his owner got very ill and had to move back to NY..where she couldnt take him to. .. She ended up finding him a couple through craigslist that apparently he looked almost identical to the dog that they had lost.   No not to bash the owners they thought they were doing the right thing by finding him a new home and thought that the home was a great opportunity for helix however turns out something happened along the way since November to late January where helix ended up in somebody else is hands now he is microchips but if the new owners did not change the information we had only the old and original information to go by.   It took some digging to find the owners because the information they had listed with the microchip company was not current so we had to do some back tracing and we had to do some digging in some certain applications that we have in order to check on people and we did come across the exhusband and he did get in touch with her and she had signed him over to the rescue we still try to find the other people through their previous connections however we were unsuccessful in finding the people if they had no proof of ownership theres no way they could have claimed him.

 I will also add though that there were no reports made no lossed flyers no loss reports on any of the social media groups or even county listings. 

So here we are... It is now into the 2nd week of February and we have decided that it is in the best interest for him to find him a new and wonderful home he is a fantastic dog he is quiet he can be a little whiny but hes very much of a Velcro dog hes very snugly wants to be with people
.. he is completely housebroken, crate trained, he is good with other dogs but come play rough, he will pull because he is strong..but all in all he is an incredible companion pet.... and HATES CATS.. 

He could do ok in nearly any setting.
However he should never be left outside in a yard...and he will try to figure a way to explore. We think this is what happened with the interim family. 

 Please if you are interested in this beautiful boy please make sure you include a phone number but also please include anything about the animals you may have in the home as well as if you have a fenced in yard we are ideally looking for a home for him with a fenced in yard and with somebody who is not gone all day.

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