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In shelter Dog

Bradenton, FL, 34211
Pet name:
Grampaw is an adorable, sweet, kind quiet and polite boy!!! He was pulled from a local FLORIDA shelter. Just received a complete exam, we are waiting on blood work He is house trained, I havent heard a peep out of him.. Good with people and other dogs. Walks on leash. He is chipped has had all vaccines and rabies.

As a senior, he has some medical issues. He has muscle wasting in his rear usually due to inactivity or lack of exercise, he is heartworm positive. He is NOT neutered, he has cataracts, poor dentition , and could use some good groceries. We are looking into letting him heal, getting his immune system up to snuff, good food, exercise and the comforts of a loveing home. He has been started on heartworm protocol just in case we can treat down the road. Or even go slow kill.

He came in with 3 other dogs, and he has gotten along fine with all my guys including a chi. No waves, they act like he isnt even there.

He is scheduled for a neuter in two weeks tentatively depending on how he does. We are actively seeking a foster for him that can dote on him, give him a secure quiet home with a yard. He loves to be outside, and probably spent most of his life out there. If you are in the St PEte area and would like to foster a calm quiet loving boy, please put an application in at Currently fostered in Bradenton.


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