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In shelter Dog

Somerset, NJ, 08873
Pet name:
White / Cream
Hi, my name is Kaaboul. I am a 2-year-old husky from Egypt who was put on a scorching hot roof by an evil person and forgotten, simply left to bake in the sun. I waited in panic wondering how I would get down from this roof to escape the merciless heat. The panic began to rise as I realized there was no way down besides jumping, so I waited. I waited as my throat began to dry and my thoughts began to fade. I waited in this miserable state for three whole days before my rescuer could locate me. She had seen my story on Facebook and had been trying to find me all this time. She could see from the video that I had started developing mange and was in rough shape. She knew if she didn’t act that I would end up dying on that roof. When she finally found me, I was covered in ticks and severe mange. I was subsequently rushed to the veterinarian where they discovered that I also had worms and an injured toe. There is permanent damage to that toe, but it doesn’t impact my mobility or cause me any problems. I spent three months recovering before I was sent to live at a shelter for a year. I made friends with other dogs and did okay, but I still couldn’t thrive due to the excruciating heat. You see, I am a husky and my breed doesn’t do well in the desert heat. I am looking for a loving home in the United States where I can learn to be a part of the family. I will need basic obedience training, but I am a fast learner. I am goofy and playful and love humans as well as children! I also love cats and other dogs. I am 36 pounds. I am also healthy and fully vaccinated. I can’t wait to take long walks, play in the backyard, and cuddle up at night. Will you give me a chance?