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Prince Leo   

In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78704
Pet name:
Prince Leo
Labrador Retriever
White / Cream
Introducing Prince Leo, a gorgeous house-trained Labrador Retriever mix puppy. Prince Leo currently lives in a foster home with other dogs and is friendly with them! This means he can live in a home with other dogs and is young enough to adapt to a home with kids and cats!

Prince Leo is a happy, goofy puppy. He is very cuddly -- and clumsy which makes for many laughs. Leo is very playful and high energy. 

Prince Leo needs to be walked multiple times a day and played with often to burn off that cute puppy energy.

He enjoys fetch, tug, and loves squeaky toys. Prince Leo loves other dogs, and insists on cuddling, even if they are not keen to it. He is learning to be a gentle playmate. 

Prince Leo understands sit, shake, no, down, and heel. Good boy, Prince Leo! He is learning to walk on a leash and behave in his crate -- its a process and he is coming along nicely. Prince Leo is a certified good boy and will be an awesome best friend!

Do you have room in your heart and a place in your home for the adorable, sweet, playful Prince Leo? Come meet Prince Leo today!