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In shelter Dog

Chula Vista, CA, 91911
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Hi there! I am bear, a big ball of energy who loves to be around people! Im eager to get out and explore and Ill push you out of my way to do so. I am very strong so Im sorry if I pull you, try and keep up! Im a pretty tolerant guy but I do get pretty excited causing me to get a little bit mouthy with my humans, I dont do this to hurt you but keep in mind accidents can happen especially with the little kids! I am super playful, tennis balls and squeaky toys are my favorite style. I know sit!! Dont be afraid to try and teach an old guy new tricks because I am very treat and food motivated! Watch your fingers though, Ill make sure I grab it quick enough that you cant change your mind (oh and I do not like sharing!). Ill need go into a young and active household who can handle my craziness! Ill need a excessive routine to keep me warn out, otherwise Ill find my own way to exert my energy! d-d: Met an adolescent female, was eager to get through to meet her. At kennel was whining and persistent, following her every move at the fenceline. Will likely need to meet any other dogs while on leash first to prevent him from annoying the wrong dog.


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