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Timber James (TJ)   

In shelter Dog

Fort Thomas, KY, 41075
Pet name:
Timber James (TJ)
Labrador Retriever
Coat length:
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Meet Timber James! Original owner wanted to euthanize, the veterinarian, declined the request because there was nothing wrong with him that would constitute a euthanasia. The owner surrendered him to the veterinarian.

Here is what the vet staff have learned about Timber James since being surrendered to the vet hospital: He LOVES people. Very sweet and loving. He likes to play ball and tug. Likes walks a lot. He does start out slightly pulling for the first few minutes of the walk but relaxes into the stride once initial excitement of walk wears down and ends up loose leash walking. He is house and crated trained, and does well with kids!

He takes food gently and we havent had any bad experience taking anything from him. He is dog "selective". Did very well interacting and spending time with an older more docile dog. He however did not do well with a younger more active dog. 

He hasnt had any house accidents with those who have had him in their house but we dont have long term history on that. He does well in his cage at the hospital. He is missing one eye that does not have any adverse effect on him at all. He had a round of antibiotics for a previous tick disease, anaplasmosis, that he has responded to well and will not have adverse or long term problems from. No idea how hed do with cats. Not shy or protective that weve seen at all. 

Has not chewed on anything but toys. Does not seem anxious but history on that long term is unknown. He does have some arthritis and is on rimadyl but it doesnt slow him much. Hed be amazing in a home as a single dog (or with an older slower dog) and a family that is just mildly active.


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