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In shelter Dog

Long Beach, CA, 90804
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Genie is an active and incredibly smart 10 month old boy who likes nothing more than to stretch his legs at the park, on a trail or even over the edge of the sofa as he snores. Hed suit an active person or family familiar with working breeds who wants a goofy bundle of enthusiasm for a companion - if you can lob a tennis ball youll have a friend for life! Since Genie is a big doofus and sometimes forgets how big he is (66 lbs) - including when he hops in your lap to snuggle- a home with adults or older kids might be best. He loves to chase a ball, play tug, shake and nibble the brains out of his squeaky toys (no stuffing please) and play his most favorite brain game...hide and sniff for snacks in the yard! If youre looking for an adventure companion or someone to take long walks with, then Genies your boy. 

Hes a young pup who is still learning his manners when meeting and greeting people so Genie will need a forever home who is aware of his need for physical and mental exercise and be committed to continuing his training. He knows basic commands, is house and crate trained, and even knows a few extra commands like between and touch. He does need a secure yard with high fences, but his long legs make Genie a very good looking boy. Everyone comments on how handsome he is - hes a real head turner! Hes also very loyal and will want to spend time with his family, so someone home for part of the day would suit him best. Be Genies hero! 

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