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In shelter Dog

Macon, GA, 31210
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Name: Sunny a.k.a Sun Bun, Bunny
Breed: German Shepherd/Yellow Lab mix
Sex/Age/Weight: Male/2.5 years/81 lbs
Vetting: Neutered, UTD on vaccines, Microchipped, Heartworm negative
House trained/Crate Trained: Both, very well. I am an inside dog.

Dogs/Cats/Children: Dogs, YES! Cats? Absolutely NO! Children could be acclimated to but only brief prior experience.

Energy Level: very HIGH, I could go all day!

Before FAR: I have lived with my foster parents since I was 6 months old; they adopted me from my only other fur parent.

Training Status/Commands I know: I am well trained in commands, I know SO MANY! Some examples are: sit, stay, lay down, come, up, down, go, move back, wait, okay (release), place, go find x, leave it, go potty, easy, with me, between, drop it, and a million more.

I even know not to try and run out of front/back doors. 

My foster parents will include a booklet for you, with hand signs that go along!

Working on: Leash training, Excitement management (barking at new people/animals, jumping up), Managing anxiety with new situations 

Things I like: I LOVE being with my people! I also love nylabones, balls, stuffed toys, playing with dogs, getting ""hit"" with the water hose, swimming, doing tricks that Ive learned, running around my yard, and chewing on yummy sticks!

Things I dont like: CATS, being left alone for far too long, going a while without playing or running around

Ideal Family/Home: Preferably a home without cats and with older children due to my large size and exuberance. I would also do well as the only dog, I just need an active lifestyle as I have a lot of energy! I need a big open yard to call my own, someone to love me as much as I can love them, and I will need someone with patience who can help me continue to learn and grow. Im very, very smart and pick up on new commands all the time. I would be a great pal for an active person who is motivated to continue my training. 

Special Notes: My foster family loves me so, so much and thought their home would be my forever home but I do not like cats, I actually kind of cant stand them. They make me very anxious and I can respond semi-aggressively and have to be separated from the kitties at all times. My family has tried everything for 2 years to acclimate me to cats, and it is a fear I cannot pass. This isnt fun or safe for me, or my cat ""friends"", and I am looking to be in a household that I am more comfortable in to be the loving buddy I want to be!

If you are interested in giving Sunny a forever home, please visit the link below to fill out an application! It is best to submit an application through a computer. We have experienced some problems when applications have been submitted using a mobile device. *When you submit the application, you are not obligated to adopt however it does reserve for you the opportunity to adopt that particular animal. We review them on a first come first served basis. If your application is approved, we will contact you and allow you the opportunity to adopt. If you choose not to adopt, we will contact the next approved applicant. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us and we will be glad to help!


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