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In shelter Dog

Rosenberg, TX, 77471
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Wilson originally came into the shelter as a young puppy. Hed been abandoned on a property with 11 other dogs (including his mom and his five newborn siblings) back in November of 2019 after his original owner was evicted. Wilson and the other dogs had been left behind and never reclaimed. We thought wed found his forever family a long time ago, back in 2020 when he was adopted. Unfortunately when Wilson came back into the shelter as a stray on 9/14/22 his adopter never returned our calls or came looking for him. Doubly unfortunately for Wilson he came in injured this time after having been hit by a car. Wilson has chosen to look on the bright side of things. The head injury he sustained has served to make Wilson even more special than he was before. He has a very distinct, unique stride with just a bit more wiggle and wobble than youd usually expect. Its also highlighted his dorkiness! Whats cuter than a dog with a little ataxia rolling around in the grass?! Hes also very prone to making derp faces, which makes taking pictures of him very fun! Wilson seems to already be potty trained. He walks great on a leash with that extra special stride of his. Hes very sweet and friendly and loves being pet and having his belly rubbed. His head injury has given him some quirks, but hes still such a good boy!