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Sid and Nancy—-Bonded Pair   

In shelter Dog

Warwick, RI, 02889
Pet name:
Sid and Nancy—-Bonded Pair
Labrador Retriever
Dynamic Duo
These two were picked up together, abandoned and starving. They had sores on their paws and skin was in bad shape. You’d never know it now to look at these beautiful babies now. They are seeking a home that will welcome them both- as they are a bonded pair. They are listed as lab mixes and are about 2 years old. So they are fully grown. Each weighing right at 45/50 pounds. Since we guess these two have been together their whole lives before coming into CAFA (and have been kept together since), Sid doesn’t like to be away from Nancy. These two are wonderful and very affectionate dogs. I have taken a lot of time with both to socialize them and get used to lots of pets and love. When they first came to me Sid was afraid of people and other dogs. He gains confidence from Nancy since she’s more outgoing. Both love to be with their human and are usually right beside me doing chores or laying at my feet. Nancy loves belly rubs and of you’re sitting she will gently pull your foot to her belly as a cue she needs a rub. 

Nancy: Nancy is a beautiful lab mix with medium length-jet black coat and gorgeous golden/amber eyes. She is friendly and outgoing, she loves to play with toys and has proved to be pretty good at fetch! She walks great on a leash and gets along with dogs of all ages, and kids. Her favorite thing to do is to pay tug of war with Sid and others, and always has a stick. Nancy also enjoys her food and tends to be lab like in the sense of thickening around the middle if fed too much. She also absolutely loves the water. We have a puppy pool she loves to hang out in when it’s hot out. 

Sid: Sid is a strikingly handsome little gentleman. Sid has such a unique coat, listed as silver, he has a chocolatey coat with silver collar of hair. He’s very handsome, with a white patch on his chest and all four feet have white speckled toes. He loves toys and walks great on a leash. He is a little shy and takes a little while to warm up but then he shows his silly and fun nature. He has discovered the joy of belly rubs lately and can’t get enough. He gets along great with other dogs his age and is learning patience and playing with younger pups. Sid is good with my son, who is 13- just a little more timid with kids. He loves to chew on bones and sticks, but most of all he follows his Nancy everywhere. He doesn’t like to be separated from her but together they love to be petted and to play with all kinds of toys. When he first got here he was afraid of having his face petted but now loves it and loves to give kisses. 

Adoption fee is $ 1180 for the bonded pair 

Adoption fees details:  Puppies - Adults $ 590, Seniors $415. These adoption rates include transport from Alexandria, Louisiana to designated New England adopter pick up locations and NE foster homes using either Rescue Road Trips, Pets LLC or CAFA Transport. If you do a search you will see that this is a very reasonable adoption fee and comparable to other rescues. Adoption fee breakdown:

Adoption Fee:   $  365.00Transportation Fee:  $ 225.00 MA and NH only--Quarantine fee if applicable:  $125.00 Medical details: All our dogs are altered (spayed or neutered), DHLPP, rabies, Bordetella, Heartworm tested with negative test results, microchipped, treated for parasites and on monthly heartworm and flea and tick prevention. A health certificate is issued by a licensed Louisiana veterinarian. Adoption details: In some instances, a meet and greet is not possible before adoption unless we have a foster home in New England available. Available for a Meeting confirms the dog is in a NE Foster home and available for a meeting in the city state provided.  Most times our dogs get adopted before a foster home becomes available - and if so, they go straight to adopters home. Foster parents talk to adopters and feel confident that this will be a match before our dogs are transported up. Also if by some chance it is not a match we have a safety net in place as we ask that adopters to let us know that it is not a match and we direct you to take the dog to a foster home or boarding kennel once that is arranged. If necessary, we will ask you to foster the dog until a foster home can be arranged.  Transport details:Rescue Road Trips (, Pets LLC ( or CAFA Transport will deliver our precious pups on commercial rescue animal transport to designated locations.  The fee is 225.00 which IS INCLUDED in your adoption fee already.**Rescue Road Trips, was featured on The Today Show - view it at MA and NH RESIDENTS: 

If you are a Massachusetts or New Hampshire residence, an additional fee of $125.00 will apply due to State quarantine fee requirements. If the dog is in a foster home in MA or NH, this fee will be added in the adoption fee regardless of where the adopters home is located making the total adoption fee $715.00 for puppies and adults $540.00 for Seniors, otherwise the full adoption fee for all other states is $590.00 for puppies and adults and $415.00 for seniors. This includes a 48 quarantine, recheck by a MA licensed veterinarian, and issued a MA health certificate. Visit all our available dogs at www.cenlaallianceforanimals.comWe update and add dogs frequently. We hope to help make a difference in a rescue dogs life


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