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Hop (bonded with Flip)   

In shelter Rabbit

Chicago, IL, 60639
Pet name:
Hop (bonded with Flip)
Hop is an outgoing, sweet little guy who loves to go exploring. Hell hop on the couch and sniff you for a minute before he continues to skitter around the house. He and his best friend, Flip, will even run over and greet you when you walk into the room!

Hop and Flip are attached at the hip and must be adopted together. But theyre a dynamic duo and very rewarding to take care of. They love to cuddle and clean each other, and its so fun to watch them run and hop around the room, and then sprawl out on the floor when theyre tired. When theyre not playing with each other, they absolutely love to eat - theyre always hungry and asking for food.

Hop is a bit more extroverted than Flip, but we dont consider either of them "shy. Theyre not fans of being picked up, but they dont mind being pet, and sometimes will give you kisses on the couch!

Flip and Hop have been exposed to other animals and acted quite friendly and playful - we think theyll do well in just about any home. We hope these funny boys find a future home who will give them the love and attention they deserve!


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