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Goose: video!!   

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Edinburg, PA, 16116
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Goose: video!!
Goose is a sub-adult-adult Cuban Knight Anole approximately 12in in length (Im assuming he would be a little longer, but hes in the process of growing the end of his tail back after an injury he received prior to being transferred to us). We are not sure how old he is exactly, he was surrendered to a reptile rehabilitation group in very poor condition, but they were worried they could not care for him appropriately and requested to transfer to us. Goose still has a lot of weight he needs to put on, but based on his appetite and how hes improved so far were comfortable placing him in a home. Goose is an active hunter and a hoot to watch especially now that hes feeling more comfortable! Right now he will eat live crickets loose in his cage + waxworms and meal worms in a small bowl.

Cuban knight anoles are the largest subspecies of anole! They live wild in Cuba, Florida, and South America. They require a high temperature and humidity management. A long term enclosure should be an arboreal set up with lots of climbing and vegetation, a basking area and gradient warmth. We recommend a misting system/Fogger to help maintain the necessary humidity for these guys. They require a typical reptisoil/jungle mix to help with moisture, and they thrive very well in bioactive enclosures. Cuban Knight Anoles generally live in solitary enclosures, so if you decide to adopt Goose and Maverick together they will be required to have separate enclosures. Knight anoles do not enjoy being handled, while they can tolerate being handled for maintenance and medical purposes,  they prefer you maintain a "look but dont touch" relationship. Even if they arent a fan of cuddles, theyre still more than deserving of a forever family! 

If youre interested in adopting Goose, Maverick, or any of our available animals fill out our adoption application here:  Adoption fee is $20


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