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RJ and Zola   

In shelter Rabbit

Alliston, ON, L0G 1A0
Pet name:
RJ and Zola
Lop Eared
Blue / Gray
Bonded pair RJ (grey male lionhead) and Zola (black female lop-eared) were surrendered to us at ADHS when their owner could no longer care for them.

Both of these sweeties are spayed/neutered and they like to snuggle with each other. They’re not as keen to snuggle with humans but do allow gentle head pets.

RJ and Zola enjoy Timothy hay and botanical hay and adult rabbit pellets and they love their daily fresh greens like romaine lettuce and cilantro. They drink water from a bowl. 

Special needs info: RJ needs his molars checked regularly by a rabbit-savvy vet who handles rabbit dental trims and filing. RJ’s partner Zola has better teeth than he does, but hers will need to be checked as well. Zola is also quite fluffy underneath, so her “undercarriage” needs to be gently owner-checked daily to ensure that she’s kept clean. Rabbits’ skin is extremely delicate, so again, a rabbit-savvy veterinary clinic can perform trims when necessary. 

Owners of bonded pairs will tell you that a pair isn’t twice the work of a single bun because they share the same litter box, bowls, etc. Rabbits are very social animals and they enjoy having a friend of their own species. This applies to RJ and Zola as well, of course. :)

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