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In shelter Rabbit

Portland, OR, 97211
Pet name:
Lop Eared
Tantor means "elephant" in the fictional language Mangani spoken by the Apes in the Tarzan books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. In the first Tarzan novel, young Tarzan befriends Tantor the Elephant and they go on adventures. When he was rescued, Tantor the Bunnys teeth looked like tusks. He had injuries on his adorable loppish ears and nose in various states of healing. After extensive dental work and time to recover, Tantor the Bunny is doing so well. His coat is soft and his mouf is pure bunny cuteness. He is ready to find a quiet furever home who can care for his needs.

In many ways, Tantor the Bunny has a lot in common with both Tarzan and his elephant companion. Like Tarzan, Tantor the Bunny was effectively orphaned and left to die under the trees. Tantor was abandoned outdoors with his two brother bunnies, and all three boys fought mercilessly. When the heat waves of Summer 2021 crushed the Pacific Northwest with temperatures reaching 117 degrees, two of the three bunnies passed away due to injuries and heat stroke. Like Tarzan, Tantor the Bunny is eminently resourceful, and he managed to survive his ordeal long enough to get on his foster mamas bunny-rescuing radar. She has taken such amazing care of him and we are grateful.

Like Tantor the Elephant in the stories by Burroughs, Tantor the Bunny is learning that the world is not always a scary place. There are friends among us and we can all find a way to flourish. Disneys iteration of Tantor is a pinkish-red, bumbling elephant who brings nervous comic relief to any situation. Tantor the Bunny is no buffoon - he is tough as nails. And yet he has the biggest, sweetest, soulful eyes like a wise elephant who has seen a lot in his life.

Tantor the Bunny is about 3-4 years old and is fully-grown at 5 lbs. Tantor has not yet met any lady buns, but any dates will need to be carefully supervised to keep his little nose safe. He will tolerate respectful cats, and possibly older children who respect his boundaries. He prefers to come to people of his own volition, rather than to be suddenly approached. He follows a very strict hay-based diet with zero treats to keep his teeth and GI tract in good shape. The surgery on his teeth was successful and he should just have a vet checkup every 6 months. He has spectacular helicopter ears, but Tantor insists hes "just not into aviation anymore". Tantor loves fiction and hes always ready for a profound discussion. Just keep petting him. Best night ever.

Do you have the perfect home for this literary legend? Grab a vine and swing over to the Rabbit Advocates website to learn more about the adoption process and fill out an application!