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Uno aka Dane   

In shelter Dog

Las Vegas, NV, 89136
Pet name:
Uno aka Dane
**  PLEASE EMAIL questions, please DO NOT call.   We are a volunteer based group and are unable to handle the call volume.

WE WILL BE HOLDING ADOPTIONS ON SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS FROM 10-4 PM at our Adoption Center.  Our adoption center is located next to CAL Ranch at 232 North Jones (I-95) Suite 170.   NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY, BUT WE DO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THE STORE.   

Uno aka Dane is about  7 1/2  yrs old.   He is a loving playful mastiff mix, he loves his toys ball and ropes. He loves to open Christmas gifts with out eating any of the wrapping paper, loves veggies, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas. He loves to watch tv. He loves to cuddle in bed. He’s very smart he knows how to sit, stay and he will sit and wait till you tell him to go eat .. he loves humans, not so much other animals, but could be he never socialize with any other dog besides his  Pomeranian brother.. he is very high maintenance so needs a lot of walks and exercise. He’s great in the car and loves rides. He is good on leach. He knows how to pull a robe and open his toy drawer. He loves to gets his teeth clean and wash his face before bed.. likes to watch mom do his night routine and wants to be part of it. Loves to get in the shower and get washed. He’s good in hikes and long walks. His so tall that loves putting his face on the table wile you eat. His house train and crate train prefers to sleep in his comfortable doggie bed. Likes to play with the water hose.  

He is very protective of the one he chooses to be his.   He would do best with a single person and will have to be crated when visitors come.   He will even protect the wife from the husband.  

He does not like loud notices, unexpected excitement, balloons, he doesn’t like to see tv when there is fighting he gets mad, doesn’t like to share his toys, but knows wish ones are his and wish ones are not.

A Path 4 Paws holds adoption events at our Adoptions Store,  located at 232 N. Jones Blvd, Suite 170  right next to CAL Ranch (North Jones/ I-95).   Please bring your dog(s) for a meet and greet (if applicable)  Please bring your entire family so everyone can meet. 

If you are interested in Uno, please contact to confirm the dog you are interested in,  will be attending that particular event.  We have limited space at the store, therefore we can not take every dog out to the event.

This pet is spayed/neutered, has current vaccinations and includes a microchip, deworming and 2 free vet visits, including a Healthy Start Certificate with the VCA Hospitals with a $250 health credit (restrictions apply).  Adoption fee applies.  

Please make sure you have read the information listed on the homepage for requirements and restrictions. 

Foster homes & volunteers are always needed.  Please contact us regarding how you can help by fostering or volunteering for our organization.


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